Recipe: fava beans and chicory

Apulian “Frisella” with mashed beans and wild chicory

Ingredients :

  • Apulian “Friselle”;
  • Dried fava beans;
  • Wild chicory;
  • Garlic;
  • Oil “Cor D’Ulivo“;
  • Salt;
  • Spices (pepper, chili pepper, sage, rosemary, bay leaves);
  • Potatoes;

How to prepare :

The day before soak the dried fava beans with perfumed water, created simply by boiling the infusion of laurel and osemary.
After 24 to soak, the fava beans are ready to be cooked in salted water with a few potatoes for a ‘now.
Blend everything until it is the consistency of a soft puree.
Infuse garlic, sage, rosemary and chili into oil Cor D’Ulivo, bring to 45° and then let it cool.
Once cold use it to flavor the puree.
Separately blanched wild chicory and mix the vegetables with garlic browned, Cor D’Ulivo and chili.

How to present :

Put everything on one piece of “frisella”, divided in half; put that on top of the mashed fava beans.
Arrange the chicory on “frisella” and use that to close the other half remaining.
Finish with a drizzle of Cor D’Ulivo to flavor.

The meal is ready, enjoy it!

Recipe by Attilio Santobuono



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