Olive oil or extra virgin olive oil?


There is a difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil?
Many people are unaware of the differences, but they are there and you can “see”!
The biggest difference is in the type of extraction and in ‘ acidity of the oil in question, these are the characteristics that give it the name of virgin olive oil or simply olive oil. Those of which we speak are only two of the eight possible designations of olive oils!
The extra virgin olive oil has an acidity less than 0.8% and is obtained only by extraction with mechanical methods; live oil has an acidity less than 1% but is a mixture of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils. Anyhow, the quality of some extra-virgin is not limited to scientific data of this type. To obtain an excellent extra virgin must act on the olive. Methods and harvesting periods, raw material selection, processing within a few hours and at low temperatures, are just some of the attention paid to produce excellence.
It ‘a good idea so be careful about what we buy, always good reading labels, and without saving wild chase that can hardly give us a quality product.
The good oil makes a difference not only in your plate, but also on your health!


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