Olio Visconti goes on TV

come-vedereIn recent weeks we had the pleasure and the honor, of being protagonist of two episodes for two television programs that will be aired respectively on Alice TV and Marcopolo TV.

Both programs are designed and conducted by the expert taster Fausto Borella, former editor of a personal guide about Italian’s extravirgin world.

Profumo d’Olio” broadcast on Alice TV on 14 December 2016 at 20:00 will be a trip to the culinary aspects of olive oil.
Chef Attilio Santobuono struggling with the dish, between tradition and innovation.
Accompanying him, as always, will be our Extravirgin.
Following Michele Visconti will explain how to taste and recognize a high quality Oil.BeFunky Collage

Terre d’Olio” broadcast on Marcopolo TV in 4 January 2017 at 19:05, and in replica 5 January 2017 at 12:15, will take us to a discovery of our company, from our olive trees and the beautiful land of “Capitanata” that surrounds and frames the amazing expanse of olive trees that only Puglia region has to offer.
Rachele Rendina, Association “Borgo Antico”, will accompany us in the Torremaggiore’s Historical Centre; Luigi Visconti will tell us the passion that led to the creation of the family brand and spirit that characterizes the company.

A sincere thanks had to go to the City of Torremaggiore, in the persons of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillor for Culture and Agriculture for giving us the opportunity to shoot in the beautiful setting of the Ducal Castle and the Town Museum.

Both present us with exciting experiences that we have the pleasure to share with you!


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