GirOlio 2017, Old Town, Torremaggiore

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Girolio d’Italia is back: the tour promoted by the National Association of Cities of Oil, which from April to December will cross Italy to discover the national gastronomic excellence, landscapes and production areas, land and land related crafts And oil.


The 2017 edition will be dedicated to the theme of the Mediterranean Diet, UNESCO World Heritage Site 2010 and Landscape to Promote Culture and Knowledge. In particular, we will talk not only about extra virgin olive oil, the main food of the Mediterranean Diet, a bearer of values ​​linked to the conviviality and a lifestyle celebrated all over the world, but above all the places of the oil and the Mediterranean Diet to narrate Food along with landscapes and monuments, cultural goods, relocating food and our food and wine products in the places that have determined them.

Girolio 2017 will be a stage tour in Italy of the olive culture to discover the countries of production, presenting to the nation and the world the Italian excellence and the gastronomic and cultural riches of the local communities.
The Puglia stage, one of the most important in the world olive grove, will take place in our city of Torremaggiore.
Here is the Peranzana: a cultivar among the most famous of Puglia, which finds in our town its natural habitat.
From 13 to 15 October the Old Town of Torremaggiore will be surrounded by local olive oil producer and other kind of typical gastronomic excellence.

cartina2At every stage of the event there is a rich program of events: oil tastings in combination with traditional dishes and products of local gastronomic excellence, exhibitions dedicated to olive civilizations, scientific and dissemination conferences, visits to oil mills, music events , Arts and crafts markets, square shows, folklore shows, cooking shows and tasting courses, theme menus in restaurants, school engagement in knowledge laboratories in the world of extra virgin olive oil. In short, an appointment not to be missed by all the oil enthusiasts.


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