The fruity oil in pastry

pan di spagna

The Italian extra virgin olive oils can offer an huge opportunities when used in pastry,
strong of the wide range of fragrances that are derived from the rich variety of the country.
A quality extra virgin , being rich in aromatic notes reminiscent fresh fruits and vegetables , is able to enrich the aromatic complexity of the cake, with the nutritional benefit of being able to reduce the doses of employment compared to animal fats .
With proper precautions, including use in pastries after cooking can provide important nutritional benefits.
Surely you must have excellent extra virgin olive oil , obtained not only with strict procedures but then preserved with meticulous care to preserve intact the heritage of antioxidants
The option of extra virgin olive oils is important both for the intrinsic health value and high digestibility , is also a function of the multiform expression of aromas and flavors . For make no mistake, it is only necessary to interpret the various types of intensity of fruity oils, so it does not ever cover other ingredients.
An important role-played are the “citrus oils” that are flavored with citrus fruits such as lemon, orange and mandarin.

The fruity aroma with a bouquet of olives and citrus make this oil ideal for cakes that go with these scents.

The chef expertise to keep certain smells, flavors, and mix them together is the key to create a unique and tasty product.


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