Extra-virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil

A monovarietal oil is made of a single variety of olives, to enhance the taste and fragrance.

The Visconti Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with 100% olives of Peranzana variety, native to our area, the only one able to produce them.

Each bottle tells us the story of this land, the territory, the climate and the techniques of production used for this unique product.

The olive are harvested straight from the tree and processed within 12 hours;  the oil is cold extracted to protect his best features.

Serving suggestions

The Visconti  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is suitable for seasoning vegetables, soups, grilled meats and “bruschetta”.

Available size
10cl → Bott. per box 12
25cl → Bott. per box 12
50cl → Bott. per box 12
75cl → Bott. per box 6

5l → Cans per box 4


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