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Olive oil hight quality grown strictly from olives and only through mechanical procedure.
Extra virgin olive oil of superior category obtained from two typical olive varieties of Puglia region.
  • Area of production: Torremaggiore and Conca Barese, Puglia
  • Height: hilly and flat.
  • Harvesting method: hand picked, within in December 31.
  • Method of processing: within 24 hours of harvesting.
  • Olive mill: granite grinding stones.
  • Processing methods: cold extracted, continuous cycle system.
  • Variety: Peranzana, Coratina.
  • Colour: bright green, with golden shades.
  • Aroma: intense fruity, tones of artichoke and fennel.
  • Flavor: intense fruity, persistent spicy aftertaste.
  • Acidità: maximum 0.25
Two of the most representative olive cultivars of Puglia region, merged into a single Oil. We were inspired by this idea in order to create this blend of exceptional organoleptic characteristics. The balance of Peranzana, North Puglia typical olive with very low acidity, the grandeur of Coratina, queen cultivar of Northen Bari area, with high level of polyphenols. Not a mixture of oils, but an harmony of olives pressed in the same granite millstone. The two varieties are processed together to create an intense fruity oil with many varied perfumes and persistent taste, never banal. This oil embodies the best of Puglia. SERVING SUGGESTION BLEND is suitable for seasoning robust dishes: vegetable soups, grilled meats, dishes of land, gravies.   NUTRITIVE VALUE Typical nutrition values for 100 gr
  • TOTAL FAT 93.00 gr
  • Polyunsaturated 9.00 gr
  • Saturated 13.00 gr
  • Monounsaturated 71.00 gr
  • ENERGY 820 Kca
  • PROTEINS 0 gr
  • SODIUM 0 gr
  • 10 cl -> Bott. per carton 12
  • 25 cl -> Bott. per carton 12
  • 50 cl -> Bott. per carton 6
  • 75 cl -> Bott. per carton 6
  • 3 l -> Tin per carton 4
  • 5 l -> Tin per carton 2


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