Anti Topping Cap

tappo antirabbocco visconti

On 11 June 2014, the Italian House of Representatives approved by a large majority the amendment introducing the anti topping cap for bottles of extra virgin olive oil presented in the public exercises. The amendment becomes part of the Community Law 2013-bis and provides amendments to the Law 9/2013 also known as Save oil law.
The substantive changes are as follows:

  • Obligation to include on the label the words “mixture” if the oil in the bottle is a blend of oils from different states;
  • Obligation to indicate whether such a mixture of both virgin or extra virgin oils;
  • Olive oils offered in packs in premises must be provided with suitable closures so that the contents can not be altered without the package is opened or altered and equipped with a security system that does not allow the re-use after the exhaustion of the original content indicated on the label.

A major breakthrough in the fight against food fraud, to protect the consumer which often consume a product which does not know the origin or even tampered with a product that does not correspond to that indicated on the label, to its detriment and, very often, the expense of the producer who sees damage the corporate image of a product is not his.

Our company has always placed at the side of the consumer, ensuring transparency in the label and product quality, thanks to the use of the anti topping cap even before this became mandatory.

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