About us

The territory

Our company is born and raises in the countryside of Torremaggiore, a town located in the middle of the plains of the “Capitanata”, between the mountains of “Daunia” and the “Gargano” Promontory.

This land thanks to the industriousness of its inhabitants, its microclimate and fecundity of soil, it’s characterized by a prosperous agriculture and her products are known and handed down for centuries. From oil to wine, from tomatoes to wheat, from vegetables to fruit, Puglia and “Capitanata” are famous all around  the world for the fruits of their lands.

And it’s exactly for  the characteristics of this territory that here, in Daunia, develops “Peranzana”, a quality of olive typical of these lands.

In order to prove the uniqueness of the product and to protect the quality  has been attribute to this oil the  DOP (protected designation of origin) “Dauno Alto Tavoliere”.


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