About us

Our history has deep roots ,it refers to  stories of rural life , to lives of our fathers and our grandfathers . A simple life , made of good things, where family’s warmth was strong. But history is not the past , it’s alive, present, looks into the future , because it is a “continuum”, it is the experience of the tradition that is reincarnated in today and give us the keys to interpret and to rethink it . Our history is what we have been , but it is mostly what we are today and what we want to be tomorrow .

We  have always tried to tell our stories through our products : our stories are of  land. The word “land” reminds us of ancient values ​​, of a  tradition of hard work but also of beauty, of solidarity , of inner wealth . Our stories of land tell us values ​​, passion for things, commitment and attention.  Our stories of land are the lives of our fathers , the tradition from which we start today to build the future.


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